Tuesday, February 14, 2012

switching to a new blog

We're switching to a new blog!  Why?  Because privacy wasn't on our mind when we created our blog, and it has now since become important.  We made the mistake of including our last name in our blog address, as well as sometimes including location information in blog posts.  And for the past three years-ish, we've been considering doing this...so, we are!  We'd like to stay public, but be more private at the same time, just in case there are any crazy people spying on us.

New Blog Address: http://ourlittletasteofheaven.blogspot.com

I do realize we could just switch our blog address, instead of opening a brand new blog, but we'd like to keep a link here to help direct people to the new blog.  For a while I'll post on here when there is a new post on the new blog (in case you're on reader, you'll be notified, because if you're like me, it can take forever to update your bookmarks!).  I've also removed all our old posts.  It was the easiest solution since I've included our last name/location in some of them.  Figured it was easier than looking through all 500+ entries to update.  I did save our blog and will be printing it out into a book.  (I have more to say about that at the end!)

SUBSCRIBED VIA EMAIL:  For those of you who are subscribed via email (where you get our blog updates emailed to you automatically) to make it easier on you, in the next few days, I'll be switching you over to the new site.  All I need you to do is to keep an eye out for an email from Feedburner.  Once you see that, be sure to open it and click on the link that is inside.  That'll confirm you are now wanting to be subscribed to the new blog.  It will not say "Clifton Family" anymore.  It will now say "Our Little Taste of Heaven" and that is us.  Or you can just jump over there right now and add yourself.  For those who haven't tried it, I personally prefer subscribing to blogs via email.  That way new blog posts go to your email directly, and you don't have to remember to go check it. 

Back to when I mentioned I saved our blog and will be printing it...if you want a really affordable way to save your blog in a format that allows you to upload to any book-making-site you choose, I highly recommend using the site I did.  It's only $29 versus the hundreds it can cost to print.  Now I have our blog saved in Word format and can upload it to wherever I find the best price at to print it out into a book for our family to enjoy (www.lulu.com looks like a really good choice).  It looks like I'll even have the option of creating an ibook for our ipad of our blog, I think.   

The website I used is Blogger to Book: http://www.bloggertobook.com/  The guy was really friendly and easy to work with.  He has great customer service skills too!  Anyway, just wanted to mention it in case any of you were wanting a good recommendation.  I think blogs are great, but I think it's even more fun to have a book form for memories sake and to pass down to our kids.

Anyway, see you over at the new site!  If you're subscribed, remember to keep an eye out for a feedburner email from "Our Little Taste of Heaven" to keep you subscribed to the new blog too.


Kristin said...

I so want to make a book of our blog! Years ago, I went to Staples and had them print off our caringbridge. None of the pictures came through. I was sad but figured, at least I had what was written. Good suggestion my love!!!! I miss you and your kiddos. Ella is on my mind. Hugs.

Teresa said...

You should do it! This website I recommended will only work for blogger blogs, not caringbridge or even Wordpress. So you'll be able to do it for your blog, just not caringbridge. Do you like how I said it twice, as though you can figure that out...

Teresa said...

I meant "can't"...as thought you can't figure that out:-)

Teresa said...

Though...not "thought" (this just might go on forever).

Kristin said...

LOL! That stinks you can't do caringbridge too? Especially because we all know the majority of my content is on caringbridge because I totally stink at updating our blog ;)