Wednesday, July 31, 2013

some videos…

You know how I mentioned in my last blog entry that we had Emma’s bday and a little family get together a couple weeks ago?  Here are a few videos from that.  Our camera had a full memory card, so I couldn’t use my camera to take any pics.  I borrowed other people’s cameras, and I am still awaiting those pictures (hint, hint).  But until then, and since I value my life (Ani has threatened to kill me, which I scoff at because she is so wimpy), here are some fun videos from our day.  These were sent to me from Ani, so credit/blame her for the awesome camera skills (I lean towards blaming her, not because her skill is poor…but just because I want to blame her).
I apparently don’t have any software that will let me edit quicktime videos, which is why these are not put into one video.  These are videos Ani took using her phone.  They are fun and short to watch. 
Video #1:
This video is of Torin, Ani’s hubby.  I’m going to get a little racist here (in hopes of offending everyone).  Torin is good at inadvertently proving all those racists statements true, such as “White men can’t jump” and whatever a racist statement would be about white people not being able to dance. I swear he has springs on the bottom of his feet. 

Being the crazy, party people we are (wait, what?), my mom asked Torin to do a little dance at our family gathering.  He was more than happy to.  I should also point out that Torin is disappointed in his dance here.  I guess it wasn’t as put together as he can do. Ani said the same – that he can do way better (not sure what they’re talking about because it’s AWESOME!).  Oh, and the face paint was just part of our activities for the day:

When Torin was finished, TS walked out and decided it was his turn to do his own dance.  Ani caught about half of his dance.  He was so serious about it all too!  It was SO FUNNY!

And, lastly, here is a cute little video of TS and his cousin.  His cousin is three months older than TS.  It’s just a silly little video of boys being boys:

There are a lot more pics from Eva & Ani doing face paintings, kids doing crafts with Siouxsie, and Emma’s bday.  I will be posting those when I get them;-)
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Candice Behm said...

Come on people get her those pictures so we can see those cuties ;-)! If Torin's best is better than that WOW impressive. That guy can bust a move. Loved the other two videos. Looks like a fun time!

Kristin said...

TS dances just like you! And I'd know, I've seen you at camp ;0) Just kidding. You're one of the ones that always stands on the side and mocks everyone else out ;0)

Vicky said...

Thanks for posting these. Wish we could have made the party!!